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    ParaPara - Official Routines
    Title: Choreography: Film Date: Difficulty:
    LOVE TRAIN SEF (SATOKO) 2003 Spring
    DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU BABY SEF (velfarre) 2003 Autumn
    TELEPHONE Twinstar 2003 Autumn
    BANDOLERO COMANCHERO Twinstar 2003 Autumn
    DELUXE (Eurobeat Mix) Twinstar 2003 Autumn
    LET ME BE WITH YOU pm (Mi~Ke) 2005 Summer
    HOT VAMPIRE Twinstar 2005 Autumn
    MY SWEET BANANA Twinstar 2005 Autumn

    Maniac & OriPara - Unofficial Routines
    Title: Choreography: Film Date: Difficulty:
    IT'S A RAINY DAY pm (Mi~Ke) 2004 September
    Last Message Daisuke + Mi~Ke 2004 September
    CRIME OF PASSION pm (Mi~Ke) 2004 September
    FLY ME TO THE MOON pm (Mi~Ke) 2005 Summer
    SAKURA SAKU pm (Mi~Ke) 2005 Summer
    WHITE REFLECTION pm (Mi~Ke) 2005 Summer
    WHITE DESTINY pm (Mi~Ke) 2005 Summer
    SUMMERTIME pm (Mi~Ke) 2005 Autumn
    DON'T YOU (Forget About My Love) pm (Mi~Ke) 2005 Autumn
    FLY AWAY pm (Apollo) 2006 Spring
    CELEBRATION TIME Dougenzaka 2006 Spring

    Special Performances & Events
    Event: Notes: Film Date:
    Special Performance II MTAC 4.01 beta 2004 April
    "Goes to School!" Exhibition Exhibition 2005 March
    Special Performance III MTAC Go! 2005 April
    Anime Fusion Tour Concert feat. YOKO ISHIDA AWA 11 2005 September

    OMAKE - Extra Videos & Outtakes
    Title: Notes: Film Date:
    Blooper - BANDOLERO COMANCHERO Outtake 2003 Autumn
    Anime Expo 2004: Behind the Scenes OMAKE 2004 July
    Anime Expo 2004: ParaParaStage Natsu-Matsuri Exhibition 2004 July
    Blooper - FLY ME TO THE MOON Outtake 2005 Summer
    Blooper - WHITE DESTINY Outtake 2005 Summer
    KuniCon Atlanta Cosplay Contest: paramahou "CosPara" OMAKE 2005 Autumn
    Anime Weekend Atlanta 11 Hallway ParaPara OMAKE 2005 September

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