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Name: Scott Gluck, Jr.
Stage Name: Salec
Performance Debut: MTAC Omega (2012)
Birthdate: 1991.12.04
Age: 21
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Glendale, Arizona, USA
Location: Hermitage, Tennessee, USA
Height: 6’ 3" (190cm)
Blood Type: A+
Member Color: Navy Blue
Style Proficiency: Both ParaPara (Eurobeat) and TechPara (Techno)
Occupation: Full-time student, seasonal tax professional
Dreams: I basically have 3 working dreams at the moment: 1) Become a professional writer. I primarily write sci-fi and fantasy if you're curious. 2) I'm also a pretty decent singer. Look up my name on YouTube for more and keep in mind those videos were from 4 years ago and I've gotten a lot better. 3) If all else fails, I'd like to teach senior English classes and encourage the next generation to write their own future. (So tacky, I know). The consistent thing through all of this is my lovely, Chelae.

ParaPara Experience: 1 Year -- I started on 2012.02.19
Favorite Routines: NITRO / MAGIC HAMMER
Favorite Songs: Right now I'm having a lot of fun with anything covered on the Punk Goes Pop Albums or Glee. :D Yay Covers!
Favorite Paralists: Go Go para˛mahou! Yeah, I love my teammates, what can I say?
Favorite Choreo: Mi~Ke. He's kind of the only choreographer I know so... Yeah... :D
Favorite Artist(s): In eurobeat, I love MAGIC HAMMER, although KEN BLAST is also awesome by me. :D Outside of eurobeat and hyper techno, I love Mayday Parade, PANIC! at the Disco and Patrick Stump.

What got you interested in ParaPara dancing? Quite literally, I started because I had to teach Alle a routine because she missed a practice... I was actually firmly convinced I'd hate it before that.
What is your opinion on Eurobeat music? Listening to it a lot more now than I used to. Love it. :D
What is it that makes ParaPara special to you? It's just fun times with my little sister (Alle) and my fiancé (Chelae). Alle's going to college soon and Chelae loves to dance so it really makes me happy to see smiles on their faces that I'm doing something with both of them... And I love performing. Such a rush. :D
Do you have any ParaPara role models or influences? Mi~Ke, especially right now. After seeing some of the older performances he's been in, I realize I have some degree of hope to not be a hyperactive "raptor-claw" guy for all eternity... Yeah... That didn't come off as well as I wanted it to.

Favorite Music Genre(s): Rock, pop, Christian, country, musicals...
Favorite Food(s): Pizza, Mexican, and pretty much anything off a hibachi.
Favorite Brand(s): Rue 21 (for the awesome hats), Reebok (for the jerseys), 343 (Halo), Riot Games (League of Legends)
Hobbies and Interests: Board games (playing a lot of Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan right now), video games (Halo 4, Madden, and League of Legends at the moment) and Card games (Magic: The Gathering; ALL HAIL RAKDOS, LORD OF RIOTS!).
Comments / Message To Fans: Don't take anything for granted. Every word you say, every thing you do, is a snapshot of who you are. "Death and Life is in the power of the tongue." There's a reason the Bible puts death first, anybody notice how a bad experience is much more memorable than a good one?

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