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  • Scheduled Events
  • (To RSVP to our events, head over to our Facebook events page!)

    Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival
    * Saturday March 23, 2013
    * Public Square at Metro Courthouse -- Nashville, TN, USA
    * We have been invited to host a ParaPara dance lesson and perform at the Nashville Cherry Blossom Festival this year! We will also have an exhibitor table, so make sure to stop by and say hi, or to watch us as we demonstrate ParaPara dancing for Nashvillians to see for the first time. As always, everyone is welcome to join in, too!

    Performances, Panels and Events (All events are subject to change)
    * Beginner ParaPara Dance Lesson
    * para˛mahou 10th Anniversary Special Performance XI

    MTAC Devil's Dozen
    * March 29 - 31, 2013
    * Nashville Convention Center and Renaissance Nashville Hotel -- Nashville, TN, USA
    * MTAC is an official sponsor of para˛mahou, and is our "home" convention, and it's a must-go-to if you are a fan of ParaPara! For the TENTH year in a row, MTAC is providing ParaPara and eurobeat fans with a ton of events for the ParaPara and eurobeat crowd, and para˛mahou is hosting it all as featured presenters. We've also been given an exhibitor table and stage where we'll be giving lessons, performances, and FREE SWAG all weekend long! Even better still, DJ Initial P of Disko Warp Music is a Guest of Honor at MTAC Devil's Dozen, and will be making appearances at all of our scheduled events -- as will MTAC's super-sexy mascot, ConKitty™!

    Performances, Panels and Events (All events are subject to change)
    * What Is ParaPara? ~A Beginner's Guide to ParaPara and Eurobeat Music~ -- FRIDAY
    Are you curious about what all of this "ParaPara" stuff truly is? Join us as we provide a comprehensive introduction to ParaPara dancing: from its origins in the night clubs of Japan, to its impact on Japanese culture, fashion, video games, and of course, anime. MTAC Special Guest DJ Initial P will be joining in, too, providing insight on eurobeat and hyper techno -- the music genres most associated with the ParaPara phenomenon. If you're interested in getting into ParaPara, or simply have a passion for dance music, this panel is a perfect way to get started!

    * ParaPara Dance Lesson (Beginner) -- FRIDAY
    Do you love to dance? Are you a fan of upbeat music? Are you in love with Japanese pop culture? Then ParaPara dancing is for you! Join dance us as we teach a beginner-level ParaPara routine, step-by-step. The choreography will be a para˛mahou original routine to WEREWOLF BOYFRIEND (AKBK "DJ COMMAND" REMIX) / FRIGHT RANGER, a catchy eurobeat track produced by MTAC Special Guest, DJ Initial P -- and who knows -- maybe you'll be able to bust out your sweet new moves when he plays live at the rave on Saturday night! If you've ever wanted to get in on the ParaPara dance craze, or if you're an experienced arm-waving veteran, this year's ParaPara lesson is one that you can't afford to miss!

    * ParaPara Power Hour ~para˛mahou 10th Anniversary Extended Edition~ -- FRIDAY
    Inspired by events held in the night clubs of Japan, the ParaPara Power Hour features elaborate performances and exhibitions by ParaPara dance teams from across the state of Tennessee. Once all of the teams have performed, the REAL party begins as we play a non-stop mega-mix of eurobeat and hyper techno songs featured in the past lessons, events, and performances of team para˛mahou to celebrate their 10th anniversary as Nashville's premier ParaPara dance team! Dancers of ALL skill levels are welcome, and whether you're wanting to shake your money-maker or just watch and see what this "ParaPara" stuff is all about, join us and experience the Japanese pop culture phenomenon of ParaPara like never before!

    * TechPara Dance Lesson (Intermediate) -- SATURDAY
    TechPara is a more technical, techno-based style of Japanese ParaPara dancing, and this lesson is a great chance to learn! Set to more "hardcore", rave-inspired music than the typical eurobeat that ParaPara is danced to, as well as featuring more elaborate moves, TechPara is considered to be more fun to dance by many, as it is an advanced form of ParaPara. Join team Para˛Mahou as they teach an intermediate-level TechPara routine, step-by-step, making sure that beginners and veterans alike will be able to perfect their moves. Don't be intimidated if you're new to TechPara or ParaPara dancing, as the routine will be taught in such a way that absolutely everyone will be able to learn. If you've ever wanted to get in on the ParaPara (and TechPara) dance craze, or are a huge fan of techno music, make sure that you don't miss this lesson!

    * para˛mahou 10th Anniversary Special Performance XI -- SATURDAY @Cosplay Contest

    * MTAC ParaPara Battle -- SATURDAY (~1st Stage~) & SUNDAY (~2nd Stage~)
    Do you think you have what it takes to be the ultimate ParaPara champion of MTAC? This tournament has been held annually since 2006, and the competition will be as fierce as ever: pitting ParaPara and TechPara dancers against one another for the chance to take home the title in 2013 -- as well as several awesome prizes! Even audience members can win some sweet swag by participating in challenges, and the battle itself has been arranged so that whether you're a novice or a veteran, you'll have an equal opportunity to call yourself the ParaPara Battle champion! Don't worry if you don't know any routines; you can challenge someone else to dance, instead! You MUST participate BOTH rounds in order to be eligible to win the prizes after the 2nd Stage, so make sure to attend if you plan to win it all! Make sure to visit the MTAC ParaPara Battle page for all of the details, and our Twitter for special hints that might give you a slight edge in the tournament!

    Exhibit Hall hours are still to be determined. Please keep in mind that we won't always be at our booth at all times. Please follow us to know when we're holding impromptu lessons, exhibitions, and packing things up, each day of the convention.

    * October 11 - 13, 2013
    * Clarion Inn -- Murfreesboro, TN, USA
    * It's AkaiCon's debut year as an anime convention, and they have invited para˛mahou as a Guest of Honor! We are both honored and thrilled to take part of this brand-new anime convention, and honestly, who can resist a convention with a RED PANDA for a mascot? Mi~Ke's adoration for red pandas will be annoyingly apparent all weekend long as our team teaches ParaPara lessons and gives AkaiCon attendees a special ParaPara performance. We can't wait to see everyone there!

    Performances, Panels and Events (All events are subject to change)
    * Beginner ParaPara Dance Lesson
    * para˛mahou 10th Anniversary Special Performance XI

  • Past Events, Performances, and Featured Guest Appearances

  • * Anamanaguchi ParaPara Choreography -- February 15, 2013
    Mi~Ke is asked to choreograph a ParaPara routine for chiptune+rock fusion band Anamanaguchi's upcoming music video.

    * MTAC Anime Night @ PLAY Dance Bar -- February 15, 2013
    ParaPara lesson (DANCING QUEEN / LOVE SIS')

    * MTAC Omega -- April 6~8, 2012
    ParaPara lesson (THE END OF THE WORLD / DREAM FIGHTERS), TechPara lesson (HERE WE GO / BLACKLIST feat. LA CIMA), ParaPara Battle VI: Game Show Edition, ParaPara Power Hour (Special Performance X ~The End of The World~)

    * MTAC Goes To 11 -- April 2011
    ParaPara lesson (RAINBOW / DANNY ROCK), TechPara lesson (NO MATCH /D-Z feat. KAM), ParaPara Battle V: Redux, ParaPara Power Hour (Special Performance IX ~Power of Sound~)

    * MTAC Odyssey -- April 2010
    ParaPara lesson (GOD KNOWS... / MI-NA) and Special Performance VIII ~Stargate to Heaven~ (The ParaPara Battle V was canceled due to the Tennessee Flood)

    * 8-Bit Alliance Tour at "The End" in Nashville, TN -- March 14, 2010
    para˛mahou choreographs official routines and performs live on stage with MAGIC HAMMER ("VANDALET" of Disko Warp Music) to celebrate the release of the "Most Extreme Ultimate Thunder" album

    * JapanFest '09 (Featured Presenters) -- September 2009
    ParaPara lesson (LONG NIGHT / mioco) and JapanFest 2009 Special Performance

    * MTAC Ninja in Nashville, TN -- April 2009
    ParaPara lesson (FIREBALL / KEN MARTIN), TechPara lesson (YEAH! -wlt version- / CHRISTINE feat. Mr. FANG), ParaPara Battle IV, ParaPara & TechPara Exhibition, and Special Performance VII ~ParaPara no Jutsu~

    * MTAC Infinity in Nashville, TN -- April 2008
    ParaPara lesson (DUB-I-DUB -2007 Eurobeat Version- / ME & MY), TechPara lesson, ParaPara Battle III, and the ParaPara Power Hour (Special Performance VI ~Go! Go! Para Rangers!~)

    * Ohayocon 8 in Columbus, OH -- January 2008
    para˛mahou participates in ParaParaStage.com Exhibition

    * MTAC Prime in Nashville, TN -- April 2007
    ParaPara lesson (FAHRENHEIT EURONIGHT / D.ESSEX), TraPara lesson (REALIZE / AZURE), ParaPara Battle II, "Fahrenheit Euronight" Eurobeat & Hyper Techno Rave, Special Performance V ~Space Channel PRIME~

    * Ohayocon 7 -- January 2007
    Beginner & Intermediate ParaPara lessons, and Special Performance IV ~ParaPara School~

    * JapanFest '06 (Featured Presenters) in Stone Mountain, GA -- September 2006
    Special Performance IV ~ParaPara School~

    * Anime Weekend Atlanta 12 in Atlanta, GA -- September 2006
    Special Performance IV ~ParaPara School~

    * Persacon'06: A Weekend In Gion (Guests of Honor) in Huntsville, AL -- June 2006
    ParaPara lesson (POISON / ELISA) and Special Performance IV ~ParaPara School~

    * A-Kon 17 in Dallas, TX -- June 2006
    para˛mahou participates in National ParaPara & Gyaru Summit, and ParaParaStage.com Exhibition

    * MTAC 6th Period (Featured Presenters) in Nashville, TN -- April 2006
    ParaPara lesson (POISON / ELISA), History of ParaPara panel, ParaPara Battle, and Special Performance IV ~ParaPara School~

    * Anime Fusion Tour & ParaPara MAX US Mix DVD Production -- January ~ February 2006
    Mi~Ke works as a ParaPara choreographer and instructor for Geneon Universal Entertainment, performs at several venues with Yoko Ishida during her Anime Fusion Tour, and stars in the "ParaPara MAX US Mix: The Moves 101" and "Anime-Pop Star Yoko Ishida: Live In Concert" DVDs

    * Ohayocon 6 in Columbus, OH -- January 2006
    para˛mahou co-hosts two ParaPara panels with "ParaParaBoyX"

    * Middle Tennessee State University Anime Club in Murfreesboro, TN -- October 2005
    para˛mahou Halloween Mini-Performance

    * Anime Weekend Atlanta 11 -- September 2005
    para˛mahou performs with Yoko Ishida at Anime Fusion Tour concert

    * KuniCon Atlanta in Atlanta, GA -- June 2005
    Mi~Ke & Gelly's "CosPara" performance (I WANNA DANCE / DOMINO) wins award in cosplay contest

    * MTAC Go! in Nashville, TN -- April 2005
    ParaPara lesson (DELUXE / KEY-A-KISS), History of ParaPara panel, and Special Performance III

    * Wilson Central High School in Lebanon, TN -- March 2005
    "Goes To School" Exhibition Performance

    * Ohayocon 5 in Columbus, OH -- January 2004
    Angil performs in ParaParaStage.com original ParaPara routine (C'EST LA VIE / AYAKA KOMATSU)

    * Anime Expo '04 in Anaheim, CA -- July 2004
    Mi~Ke performs in Yoko Ishida's "Hyper Yocomix" album release concert (LET ME BE WITH YOU + ASU HE NO BRILLIANT ROAD), as well as the ParaParaStage.com Natsu-Matsuri exhibition

    * MTAC 4.01 beta in Nashville, TN -- April 2004
    para˛mahou's first ParaPara lesson (TRY ME / LOLITA) and Special Performance II

    * Dance Beat Arcade in Nashville, TN -- October 31, 2003
    para˛mahou's debut and first Special Performance

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