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  • Donations & Contributions

  • Why Should I Donate?
    Without generous contributions from sponsors, affiliates, friends, and fans, our team members must pay for all aspects of our team out of our own pockets: from general operations, to website maintenance, to traveling to events and producing videos to share with the world. We do not get paid to be part of para˛mahou -- we do what we do because we have a passion for ParaPara dancing and wish to share it with others! When we have been given compensation for participating in or hosting various events, it has always been in the forms of complimentary registration, and very rarely, transportation and lodging. The only time any member of para˛mahou has been paid monetarily for their ParaPara work was when Mi~Ke was a choreographer, instructor, and dancer for Geneon Universal Entertainment.

  • What Will para˛mahou Use My Donation For?
  • Here is a list of everything that we plan to use our team funds for. Anything that is not included in this list will be paid for with our members' own money, as we have done for the past ten years. We also contribute personally to our team fund, ourselves.

    Website Maintenance
    Annually, we pay $195 for hosting and $10 for our domain name; our website was launched in 2005, so the total amount spent maintaining our website has accumulated to roughly $1500. We also would like to hire a professional website and graphic designer to give our logo and site a complete makeover: this is something that we cannot afford or accomplish on our own. If you wish to help us with this goal in particular, either by referring a designer and/or providing such services at a discounted cost (or even pro bono), please contact us directly.

    Team Promotion
    This includes materials such as fliers, contact cards, t-shirts, banners, signs, stickers, and so on. This also includes supplies for various events we host; for example, if we need to rent a table or booth at a convention. We have yet to sell any products, but if we do (such as t-shirts), 100% of the proceeds will go directly to our team funds, just as monetary contributions do. We also purchase prizes and "swag" -- items given to attendees and participants for free at our performances, panels, and events. Donations don't necessarily have to be monetary, as we have been given music albums by eurobeat and techno producers such as Disko Warp Music, which we in turn award as prizes at our events at conventions, particularly the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention. If you wish to make a non-monetary contribution, please contact us directly.

    Hosting & Attending Events
    For the vast majority of our performances and events, we personally pay for transportation to venues, lodging, and registration fees, when they are not provided to us complimentarily. This is the single-largest reason why we do not travel to perform and host events out-of-state as much as we would like to, as it tends to be incredibly expensive to do so.

    Event & Media Production
    Although we will NEVER sell any product not entirely created by ourselves or with expressed permission to do so (as we are not interested in commiting copyright infringement), we do enjoy providing such things to our supporters and fans, for free. In particular, this includes such things as our need for costumes for our special performances, and a digital camera for recording our performances, dance routine refilms, and various events. Video and sound editing is always something we do ourselves, unless others volunteer to do so for us.

  • Will I Receive Anything For Making A Contribution?
  • Along with our most sincere gratitude and thanks, we will offer several goodies and perks to those who support our team, be it financially or otherwise:

    For any and all contributions, you and/or your organization, business, or group will receive credit in the "Special Thanks" of any team-produced media and productions, such as in a dance lesson video series. You may choose to opt out of this offer and/or remain anonymous, if you prefer.

    Contributions of $25 or more will earn you any items we create using our team funds as they are produced, such as t-shirts and stickers, within one year of the donation being received. You may choose to opt out of this offer, if you prefer.

    Contributions of $100 or more will grant you and/or your organization, business, or group sponsorship of team para˛mahou for one year, beginning with the date that the donation is receieved. We will we credit and assist with cross-promotion of you, your business, and/or organization as our official sponsor on ALL of our promotional material, including (but not limited to) our website, banners, signs, contact cards, and fliers. You may choose to opt out of this offer and/or remain anonymous, if you prefer. To maintain your sponsorship of para˛mahou, we ask that you please contribute again; this will renew the mutually understood one-year sponsorship agreement. If you wish to be a permanent sponsor of our team, contact us in order to discuss further details.

    We will do our best to honor specific requests for the use of contributions. Usage requests given by those who are actively sponsoring our team will be honored without question.

    To have you, your business, team, or organization as an affiliate of para˛mahou, simply contact us. We do not ask that this requires donation or contribution, but instead, is a mutual agreement for both entities to cross-promote one another by means of displaying logos, "link-trading", and so on. However, being an affiliate does not include all of the same benefits as being our team sponsor.

  • Are Monetary Donations To Your Team Tax-Deductible?
  • All monetary donations to our team are not tax-deductible, as the "para˛mahou" dance team is not registered in the United States as a nonprofit organization.

  • What Are para˛mahou's Policies For Refund Requests?
  • If you make a monetary donation in error or change your mind about your contribution to our team, we will happily honor your request for a refund, given that your request is made within fifteen (15) business days of your donation process date. To request a refund, contact us by email at p2m@para2mahou.com with the subject "Donation Refund Request". Refunds are returned using the original method of payment. If you made your donation by credit card, your refund will be credited to that same credit card. Non-monetary donations share the same policy. Please note that any completed donation refunds or the return of contributions will result in the termination of aforementioned supporter and/or sponsorship agreements.

    If you have any inquiries, problems, or suggestions which are not addressed above, contact us.

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