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April 1st, 2012
Our annual events at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention are now less than a week away, and we've been working all weekend to get our website updated with all of the details to join in on the ParaPara action.

Head over to our events page for all of the details on our panels, performances, and our completely re-structured ParaPara Battle -- which has been changed to accommodate anyone interested in participating, with much less preparation than in previous years. Our goal was to focus on fun and eliminate the stress of having to spend hours upon hours practicing in advance.

Also, we have been given a table and stage in the MTAC Exhibitor Hall, where we will be hanging out at in order to share information, exhibitions, impromptu lessons, and more with anyone and everyone. We will be posting our exhibition stage events in real-time on Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to follow and like us to stay informed.

For the third time at MTAC, we've invited other ParaPara teams to perform in a ParaPara dance exhibition -- and this year's theme is, of course, the apocalypse! Afterward, all paralists will be invited to a "Paraoke" for the remainder of the hour, in which everyone can request routines to perform on-stage.

Currently, the participating teams are FuwaFuwa Candy, Velvet Starr, and of course, Para˛Mahou. If you're interested in your team participating (a 10~15 minute performance), please contact us.

This year's MTAC is going to be bigger and better than ever, and the ParaPara events will certainly be no different. We hope to see all of you there! If you have any suggestions, ideas, questions or comments about any of our ParaPara events, don't hesitate to let us know!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

April 11th, 2011
Para˛Mahou is getting ready for a ton of ParaPara events at Middle Tennessee Anime Convention Goes to Eleven!! It's April 22nd through the 24th, and we hope that you'll be there to participate in all of the ParaPara awesomeness! We're planning to host the following ParaPara events at MTAC this year... (Please keep in mind that all of these are subject to change!)

* ParaPara and TechPara Dancing for Beginners (Friday @12:30pm & Saturday @1:00pm)
We'll be teaching a basic ParaPara and TechPara routine, perfect for anyone who is eager to learn what ParaPara dancing is all about! We're hoping for a two-hour panel to make it easier for everyone interested to be able to attend!

* ParaPara Power Hour: Kingdom of Rock! (Saturday @9:00pm)
For the second time at MTAC, we're inviting ParaPara teams to show off what they've got in an epic ParaPara dance exhibition for the ages! We're hoping to have an hour-and-a-half to two hours to give each team the chance to perform (keep it to 10~15 minutes, please!) and show anime fans what ParaPara dancing is all about. Performances aren't required to have a rock-theme -- feel free to do whatever your team would like! As the grand finale, all paralists will be invited dance together to a medley of rock-themed ParaPara routines. The medley itself will be posted as soon as it's finished!

ParaPara Finale Medley
Song & Artist: Label: Danced By:
Kingdom of Rock / Dave Rodgers A-Beat C ParaPara Allstars
Play The Music / Ace SCP Richie & Satoko
Roly Poly Rock / Kiki & Fancy SCP Mami & Kahori
Rock 'N Roll / Mark Farina Saifam T-Rrex

The current participating teams are FuwaFuwa Candy, Velvet Starr, and Para˛Mahou. If you're interested in your team participating, just contact Mi~ke or any member of Para˛Mahou!

* 5th Annual National ParaPara Battle 2011 (Friday @4:00pm & Sunday @3:00pm)
MTAC's ParaPara tournament is back yet again (hopefully this time, without a flood cancellation) with new stages and awesome prizes! Compete against fellow Paralists for a chance to win some awesome prizes... as well as bragging rights! However, if we don't end up with a decent amount of pre-entries before March 2011, this event will not be held -- so PLEASE make sure to sign up if you want to compete... and also, if you're interested in being a judge for the battle, please let us know.

Please visit the ParaPara Battle page for all of the details!

We hope you guys are just as excited about MTAC Goes To 11 as we are! It's going to be totally awesome, and we hope to see all of you there! If you have any suggestions or ideas for making our ParaPara events even more epic, please don't hesitate to let us know!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

April 15th, 2010
Apologies for taking so long to post all of the details involving ParaPara events at MTAC Odyssey, but communication between the convention and us has been few and far in-between. However, it seems like we finally have what we need to know, so without further ado, here's what's goin' on!

Para˛Mahou MTAC Odyssey 2010 Special Performance ~ Friday @ 1:00 PM in MAIN EVENTS
ParaPara for Beginners ~ Friday @ 7:00 PM
MTAC Odyssey North American ParaPara Battle 2010 ~ Sunday @ 12:00 PM in MAIN EVENTS

The Battle page has been updated with all of the information regarding this year's tournament, with the exception of a few MP3s. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
If there are any changes or updates, we will be sure to update for you! We'll see you all at MTAC Odyssey!!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

January 31st, 2010
It's 2010 -- the start of a new decade. And with the turn of the next decade comes ... what else? ParaPara, of course!

MTAC Odyssey is on the horizon, and you can count on Para˛Mahou to bring ParaPara to Nashville anime fans as we have since 2004! Para˛Mahou will be hosting three ParaPara events at MTAC this year: ParaPara for Beginners, our MTAC Odyssey Special Performance, and the 5th Annual National ParaPara Battle!

If you think that's great news... there's more! Para˛Mahou is incredibly proud and honored to announce a huge wave of ParaPara and Eurobeat events and performances throughout this year. We're teaming up with Eurobeat music producer Magic Hammer to make 2010 a year for ParaPara fans to remember! With this alliance of awesomeness comes several events, including LIVE performances by Magic Hammer and Para˛Mahou! The first of which will be at The End on March 14th. We'll keep you updated on the details as we get them!

Last year was a pretty good year for Para˛Mahou and ParaPara. The turn-outs at ParaPara events across the nation at various conventions (and especially at MTAC Ninja) were astounding, and we were invited to JapanFest in September to perform for the second time. We will be sure to post the music mixes for these performances, as well as videos of them, as soon as possible.

For those of you who use Facebook, be sure to follow our page!

We also have a brand-new YouTube Channel! Although we can't post any routines for Avex-licensed Eurobeat songs, we'll do our best to post clips from performances, conventions, and more!

Thank you so much to all of you for the support and dedication! The team has been after my lazy butt lately, so rest assured, we'll be keeping this website thoroughly updated with videos and events more often than ever before. Thank you so much for sticking with us through all of these years! We love you guys!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

March 28th, 2009
MTAC Ninja is a week away, so it's now crunch-time for those of you participating in the ParaPara Battle and ParaPara Exhibition! Thanks to Aazera and DM Ashura, I finally found the two remaining routine videos needed for the exhibition mix (Ever Forever Together, and Bazooka Pistolero), and they are now available for download at the exhibition page.

The schedule for MTAC has also been posted, however, it does look like we might have an issue with the ParaPara Battle. We were only given a slot of an hour and fifteen minutes, as opposed to our usual three hours. I've contacted the programming director to see if there's anything she can do, but it might be too late. We'll be crossing our fingers and definitely will keep you posted. [UPDATE]: Holly has told me that she will let us begin our battle at 6:30pm, as soon as the Origami panel is finished. We are going until Deco-Rama begins at 8:45pm. Here is the current schedule for ParaPara events at MTAC Ninja.

Friday, April 3rd
~ ParaPara for Beginners - 3:00pm @ Panel 1 (McGavock)
~ TechPara for Beginners - 4:00pm @ Panel 1 (McGavock)
~ Para˛Mahou Special Performance 2009 - 5:30pm @ Main Events (Plantation ABCD)
~ National ParaPara Battle 2009 - 6:30pm to 8:45pm @ Multi (Evergreen)

Saturday, April 4th
~ Open ParaPara - 2:30pm @ Courtyard
~ ParaPara Exhibition: Request Countdown 2009 - 9:45pm @ Panel 1 (McGavock)

Sunday, April 5th
~ National ParaPara Battle Finals - 11:00am @ Main Events (Plantation ABCD)

Also, be sure to look out for a few Para˛Mahou members in the cosplay competition! Tell your friends and drag them to the ParaPara events! Let's show MTAC that ParaPara is here to stay, and it growing more in popularity with every passing year. Thank you so much for all of your support, and we'll see you in one week!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

March 4th, 2009
Thanks to Nine, the ParaPara Exhibition Non-Stop Mix is finally completed! You can see the tracklist, download a low-quality version of the mix, and download the videos to learn the routines featured in the mix at the ParaPara Exhibition page. We are missing a few of them, so if you have videos for those routines, please let me know so that I can link to them for everyone to learn.

I've also fixed a few errors that were in the ParaPara Battle rules, so be sure to read over them once again just to make sure you understand how the tournament works. If you have not registered for the battle, please do so at the battle page! It's very important that we have an idea of how many people will be competing before MTAC arrives.

And, last, but not least... the Finalist Finale routine has been announced! Check out the battle page to download the video for the routine! We'll have the MP3 available to download within the next day or two, so be sure to check back with us.

MTAC Ninja is less than a month away~! We hope all of you are as excited about it as we are! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please don't hesitate to let us know! Happy ParaPara dancing, everyone!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

February 24th, 2009
I've fixed a few of the broken links for a few videos and MP3s for the MTAC ParaPara Battle. We will have the finalist finale routine released before the end of the week. Remember that you can grab the routines and MP3s right here.

Also, before the end of the week, we'll have the tracklist for the ParaPara Exhibition, and we'll begin uploading the routines for the songs featured in that, as well. As soon as the mix is finished, I'll post the link to it here.

Posted By: Mi~Ke

February 7th, 2009
We've uploaded all of the routines and MP3s for the songlists in Stages 3, 4, and 5, of the MTAC ParaPara Battle. We will have the finalist finale routine released soon! Thanks for your patience! You may download the routines and MP3s right here.

Have a great weekend, everyone~!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

February 1st, 2009
Hey, everyone~! Welcome to the start of the ParaPara Revival 2009!! We're teaming up with Paralists around the world, as well as ParaPara Stage, to get everyone pumped up for this year's epic release of Super Eurobeat Vol. 200! We're predicting that this release will lead to the next ParaPara popularity "boom" in Japan, and we hope that all of you will be a part of it, too!

I apologize for the wait, but we've finally completed a huge update to our site! We have six new members in Para˛Mahou, so be sure to check out their profiles! (One of the new members hasn't gotten around to giving me his profile, just yet... *cough*) We've also added lots of long-awaited videos, as well as the mix for last year's MTAC Infinity Special Performance. We have decided that we will be releasing videos and content gradually, hopefully with a new video or two every week or bi-weekly. We have lots in the works, so be sure to check out often! And if you're waiting for the videos of our past performances... trust me, they're coming! We're just trying to focus on releasing individual routines first, and then we are going to release performances and past MTAC ParaPara tournament coverage. Also, if you are a Facebook user, you ought to know that Para˛Mahou has a Facebook page, as well! Add us to your watched pages, if you'd like! We appreciate all of your support more than you know! ^^

In other news... MTAC Ninja!! It's April 3rd through the 5th, and we hope that you'll be there to bask in all of the ParaPara awesomeness! We're hosting the following ParaPara events at MTAC this year~!

* ParaPara Dancing for Beginners
We'll be teaching a basic ParaPara routine, perfect for anyone who is eager to break into the ParaPara scene!

* TechPara Dancing for Beginners
In this panel, we'll be giving a beginner's TechPara lesson, which is the sexier, more "hardcore" side of ParaPara.

* 4th Annual National ParaPara Battle 2009
MTAC's ParaPara tournament is back yet again with new stages and a new twist! Compete against fellow Paralists for a chance to win some awesome prizes... as well as bragging rights! Click here for all of the details!

* ParaPara Exhibition: Request Countdown 2009
Para˛Mahou will be hosting the first-ever ParaPara and TechPara exhibition non-stop mix at MTAC Ninja, for paralists to strut their stuff and show what ParaPara is really all about! Paralists and eurobeat fans alike are encouraged to request songs for the mix, although not every song requested is guaranteed to be included. Each individual may request up to four songs to be in the mix, and these may be ParaPara (eurobeat), TechPara (hyper techno), or TraPara (trance). Please provide a video reference (whether it be a re-film, video source, or a YouTube/Veoh link) if possible, so that we can provide all participating dancers with the routines beforehand. Simply contact Mi~ke in one way or another to make your requests! Once the songs have been decided upon, we will be providing links to the routines so that everyone can enjoy the exhibition together. So be sure to check back often! The deadline for exhibition mix requests is February 18th!!

* Para˛Mahou Special Performance VII: ParaPara no Jutsu!
ParaPara plus ninjas. Need we say more? Our seventh performance is going to be an epic one, that's for sure. This will take place either before opening ceremonies, or before the cosplay masquerade. We'll keep you guys posted.

We hope you guys are just as excited about MTAC Ninja as we are! It's going to be totally awesome, and we hope to see all of you there! If you have any suggestions or ideas for making our ParaPara events even more awesome, please don't hesitate to let us know! Be sure to check back often, since we'll be adding content regularly, and more importantly, we'll be providing videos and mp3s for the ParaPara tournament and exhibition. Until next time... ciao~!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

December 31st, 2008

We are currently doing a MASSIVE, long-overdue update to the site. Pardon the mess over the next few days while we get everything running. I will make a proper post with all of the updates and info about our plans for the upcoming ParaPara Revival 2009! Happy New Year from all of us at Para˛Mahou.com!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

February 21st (Appended on April 3rd), 2008

April 3rd~ I have decided to upload all of the MP3s and Videos for Rounds 2, 3, and 5. You'll need a program like WinZIP in order to extract them. Remember to right-click and save-as. The routine for the Finalist Finale is now online!! Tons of thanks to the paralists who re-filmed these!

ParaPara Battle 2008 Round 2 - Euro Fantasy
ParaPara Battle 2008 Round 3 - Euro Darkness
ParaPara Battle 2008 Round 5 - Infinity Finals
ParaPara Battle 2008 Finale - Sexy Sexy Lady / Mark Farina

Original Post
Wait... what's this...?! Mi~ke is finally updating the site?! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!! @_@

*laughs* Yeah, I know it seems unreal, but it's true! And we're hoping to get everyone pumped about the upcoming ParaPara events we're hosting at MTAC Infinity!

This year we're hosting even more events than ever before, due to the popularity of ParaPara at MTAC simply booming! There's the Paralist Meet-Up, a guide to electronic music genres panel, and two separate workshops: one for Beginners' ParaPara and one for Beginners' TechPara. Of course, there's also the National ParaPara Battle, being held for the third consecutive year! Click here for all of the details, song lists, and entry forms! We aren't performing like usual, because this year, we're hosting the ParaPara Power Hour Special Performance Exhibition event! ParaPara teams and TechPara units from around the country will be coming to MTAC to show that there are plenty of other talented teams out there, not just Para˛Mahou. So be sure to show up and give all of the teams a huge audience!

If you are interested in participating in the ParaPara Power Hour, contact Mi~Ke with:
~ Your team's name.
~ Where your team is based.
~ The names of the members in your team.
~ The name of your special performance. (maybe you have a theme? I dunno.)
~ A brief history of your team: what events you've done, how long you've been around, etc.
~ Which slot your team would like in the exhibition. (check below to see which are available.)

The requirements for being in the ParaPara are as follows:
~ At least two members in your team (solo performances MIGHT be allowed, contact me.)
~ Your mix can be no longer than 10 minutes long.
~ Your mix can contain any combination of ParaPara, TechPara, and/or TraPara routines.
~ You can use official or original choreography.

We have an hour slot to fill, so only six teams total can fit in the exhibition. Be sure to reserve your spot early to ensure that you get to show off your team's skills!

{1st} OPEN!, {2nd} OPEN!, {3rd} fuwafuwaCANDY
{4th} OPEN!, {5th} hypaRAKUEN, {6th} Para˛Mahou

That's all for now! Remember to keep in touch by joining our forums!! Hope to see you all there!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

May 31st, 2007
...yup, so I'm lazy and never did get around to updating the site. x_x But no worries! Thanks to an amazing weekend at MTAC Prime, motivation has returned! Whoo-hoo!

During the convention, we premiered our "Space Channel Prime" Special Performance '07", as well as hosted several ParaPara lesson panels and a Eurobeat rave. Thanks to everyone for attending and showing support! Please check out the Para Battle page to see who won this year's tournament!

Alright, now... I know I've said this like, a million times... but I am proud to finally say that all of our videos are finally on a computer! Yes, it is a miracle. *_* So very, very shortly, you will be bombarded with videos for the first time in... um... like a year. Yup, lots of ParaPara dances for you to start learning from, as well as footage from both last year's and this year's special performances. Yay! Included in this batch of videos is footage from the panels, so those of you who are wanting to drill the songs and routines into your heads, those will be available to ya. We'll also be super-nice and upload this year's special performance in MP3 format! Yay! It's amazingly awesome, 'cause um, for the first time in like... okay, for the first time ever, it wasn't mixed by DJ Jag. Nope nope! It was infact mixed by myself and new member Fisqual (we'll get to him in a moment~).

In other news, we've obtained two new members! Yay! Sadly, they didn't become a part of the team in time to be in this year's performance, but keep a look-out for them in upcoming videos, and possibly even in our upcoming ParaPara Jidai project. Ooooh! So yeah! Give a big, cuddly welcome to Fisqual and Kayla! (Yes, she is like Krystal and hasn't came up with a stage name yet.)

In bad news, my external hard drive was stolen at MTAC, so I ended up losing lots of the pictures that I was planning on uploading. ~_~; But no worries, I'm sure other people have plenty, and we'll get the photos section up-to-date, but getting videos up is priority.

Also, keep a lookout for us adding new content to the site -- including the MTSU ParaPara Dance Association and ParaPara Jidai Project pages.

So yeah! We have newfound motivation, new members, and an ever-enthusiastic fan base (thank you, Mtaku!), so don't think we're dead just yet! See you again soon!

Posted By: Mi~Ke

January 20th, 2007
Just wanted to go ahead and apologize in advance if you come across any errors or ugly stuff on the website -- I'm working on updating it at the moment. (Yes, rejoice!)

I'll post a proper update here as soon as I'm finished with getting the site where it needs to be. ^-^V

Thanks for your patience! <3

Posted By: Mi~Ke

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